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ARQAN Premium Oil

The fruit, the nut, the kernel, the legend…

Argan oil is prized not only for its density of nutrients and flavor but for its rarity. The argan tree grows only in a small part of the world, mainly in the desert regions of south-west Morocco.

Most of the world's argan oil comes from the area of Agadir, and it is the fruit of the female trees - which is smaller - that is the most sought after.


True value goes beyond that which can be bottled

Arqan oil is the gold of Morocco, for those who appreciate the world's finest, most remarkable flavors.

At Arqan, however, we are driven by passion for both our product and our people. As an enterprise built on ecosocial principles, our profits are channeled back into local communities, providing real jobs for those who do the hard work.


A sustainable future for Moroccan argan oil

At Arqan we believe in doing things the right way - a better way - and that is reflected in the end result.

Most companies that produce argan oil take the raw ingredients out of Morocco and the profits along with them. At Arqan we are committed to organic, sustainable farming and chemical-free production.

We invest in our people: from the farmers who grow the trees to the women who process the nuts.


A clean product and an unclouded conscience

Argan oil is a wonderstuff but look into its production and there is much that is - at best - opaque. Largely processed by Moroccan women, they are seldom paid for their hard work. If they are, any arrangement is usually unofficial, leaving them without rights.

By keeping as much of our production as possible in Morocco, at Arqan we provide paying jobs for local women. They work for fair pay, meaning they can provide for their families and contribute to their local economy. Within our first three years of business, we will provide jobs for at least 100 local women, and with a creche under construction, are opening the door still wider for those who would otherwise be unable to work at all.

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