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Vakkaru Island

Spicehunter Dinner at 5***** Vakkaru Island Maldives 2019

Vakkaru Maldives together with the certified Master Chef and SPICEHUNTER®and International High-End Gastronomy Expert of KOPPERT CRESS, Chef Marcel Thiele, concluded a Sustainable Gastronomical Culinary Journey with a series of exclusive dining experiences and cooking classes held on the island in mid-July

Chef Marcel spent five days on the resort to create bespoke culinary experiences and share his culinary wisdom with the resort’s guests. The bespoke menu that he created for special dinner at Vakkaru’s authentic South East Asian restaurant, Onu, was focusing on sustainability and inspired by what he calls the “Mother Earth Principle”. Centered around the Hippocratic belief ‘make the food your medicine before the medicine becomes your food’, the ‘Mother Earth Principle’ follows Dutch cuisine and uses a minimum of 80% plant-based ingredients and a maximum of 20% animal-based products in each of its dishes.

Chef Marcel also hosted a one-off cooking demonstration that began with a visit to The Organic Farm where guests experienced a farm-to-table journey that awaken all of their five senses.The experiences reinforced Vakkaru’s commitment to developing a sustainable business through using locally produced ingredients and through their farm-to-table initiatives.

Watch SPICEHUNTER® Gastronomy Delights

As part of the resort’s commitment to creating timeless memories and cherishable experiences, there will be a collection of curated bespoke guest experiences in to complement Vakkaru’s incredible dining, spa and offerings. For further information about the upcoming Bespoke Guest Experiences at Vakkaru Maldives, please visit

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Vakkaru Island


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